Over 10,000 years ago, giant glaciers moved toward the sea, across the pristine island of Newfoundland. This majestic journey left granite reservoirs and deep natural rock beds that have become one of nature’s purest filtration systems.

glacierClear Canadian snow and rainwater are drawn by gravity into a glacier-carved valley that is completely unpopulated and free of pollution. Each drop is pulled through metres of dense glaciomarine sediment and rock. This enormous natural filter purifies the water while enriching it with valuable minerals and electrolytes.

True North Pure Natural Spring Water is bottled at its source so its superior quality is never compromised. Before it can reach the surface, the water is drawn from 18 metres below the ground, directly into our bottling facility. Each drop enters your bottle under the most stringent of conditions.

Throughout the process, True North Pure Natural Spring Water is shielded from contaminates, so you enjoy every sip.