Spring Water

Spring water originates as rain and melting snow drawn by gravity into the ground through layers of rock and soil. The water flows underground, eventually surfacing through small crevasses and cracks in the earth.

spring-water-handsUnlike other spring waters, True North Pure Natural Spring Water has been purified by its journey through a natural glaciomarine aquifer in Newfoundland, Canada, making it exceptionally pure, healthy and great tasting. It is captured 18 metres below the Earth’s surface and bottled
right at the source.

Drawing natural spring water from deep underground ensures that the water is exceptionally pure and free of contaminants that could taint the spring water when it surfaces. The result is the purity of great-tasting natural spring water with the protection of an artesian well. The sheer volume of water in True North Springs allows large quantities of spring water to be bottled without affecting the
natural surface spring.