What is fluoride and what are the benefits of drinking fluoride-free waters like True North Pure Natural Spring Water?

Fluoride is an iconic form of fluorine. It is naturally found in some water and food and is commonly added to municipal drinking water, toothpaste and other products to prevent tooth decay.

Studies have shown that consumption of certain concentrations of fluoride can lead to health problems in adults and children. A study by the National Research Council found that the level of fluoride allowed in community drinking water in the United States (1.2ppm) is too high. In many cases, your toothpaste contains enough fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

Choosing fluoride-free products such as True North Pure Natural Spring Water can help you control the amount of fluoride you consume while keeping you healthy and hydrated. True North Pure Natural Spring Water does not contain any detectable traces of fluoride - providing you with peace of mind, knowing that your bottled natural spring water is healthy and naturally pure.

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